Choose better for the win!

Khrysso at Big Morongo Canyon PreserveThis morning we’re investigating some new services software, and we’re delighted to find our company of choice supports the following humanist efforts, among others:

  • The Black Girls Codex introduces programming and technology to a new generation of coders, who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.
  • Global Witness exposes human rights abuses and environment scandals with roots in corrupted practices.
  • Searching for Bonobo in Congo, Dr Terese Hart‘s efforts of conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With internet transparency, it’s not that hard to put a tinch more effort into researching where you’re spending your dollars and the kind of values of the corporations behind the storefronts. Yes, it matters! Is the company philosophy to pad the pockets of the shareholders and CEO, or do they invest back into the community and environment? And when you find a company whose ideals are in line with your own, let them know.

In Morongo Basin, we have a multitude of original spirits who care deeply about the preserves and parks, the trails, the open air. And these originals care about other people, too, and maintaining the good for all. There’s only one way to be an original: listen to your own drummer, and be willing to make beautiful music with the other dedicated musicians!

~Grey and Khrysso LeFey