Janis Commentz, November 2020 Morongo Basin Original

Janis Commentz, Morongo Basin Original November 2020

The Artists LeFey are delighted to celebrate Janis Commentz as
November 2020’s Morongo Basin Original.

A resident of Joshua Tree, Janis exemplifies Morongo Basin Spirit as
an artist, educator, and humanitarian. We are impressed with her
generous and innovative spirit and with how wide she throws the net
that includes who deserves the love, service, compassion, and justice
that she offers and promotes.

A woman of faith, Janis continually makes it clear that she lives
according to the dictates of her own conscience and resists being
dictated to even by people she loves and cares about.

Being a person of conviction and being willing to stand alone are rare
qualities, and they are a large part of what sets Janis apart as an

November is Thanksgiving month, and we are truly thankful for Janis.

Get to know more about Janis here.

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