Seeing the human race instead of seeing humans.

We talk about humans as a whole, the group of homo sapiens that are generally recognized on this planet as the highest of the intelligent species. And within that sameness we are separated into categories, all of which should be harmlessly useful. There's nothing wrong with recognizing that people can be identified with common characteristics, that they share cultural or geographical or physical similarities. But always be mindful that having common characteristics doesn't ever make people all the same. Attributing a trait to every member of a group is lazy and dangerous thinking. The…


Morongo Basin Original Action Alert: Angela Mia Torres

It gives us so much pleasure to share examples of the care that Morongo Basin Originals extend to the world around them. ANGELA MIA TORRES, our MBO for December 2020, recently lent her heart, hands, and skills to design and direct the building of a community potting shed, a collaborative humanitarian effort between Mil-Tree Veteran Project and Joshua Tree Folk School. So much good comes from these volunteer marines, veterans, and civilians, who all make the world better by spreading their love across the community without bias. THIS is the spirit of the Morongo…


Some Morongo Basin Basic Good Thoughts

Thank you to Morongo Basin Original Janis Commentz for sharing this message of positivity for 2021. How can we create a better 2021? This has been one of the toughest times I remember—and what stands out is relationships. We must recognize that we process things differently. During my three decade teaching career at an alternative high school, we focused on students’ unique needs and finding ways to individualize instruction. Now, I try to recognize the rare and valuable qualities of those people who, for whatever reason, are in my path. When we disagree, I…


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