Some Morongo Basin Basic Good Thoughts

Thank you to Morongo Basin Original Janis Commentz for sharing this message of positivity for 2021. How can we create a better 2021? This has been one of the toughest times I remember—and what stands out is relationships. We must recognize that we process things differently. During my three decade teaching career at an alternative high school, we focused on students’ unique needs and finding ways to individualize instruction. Now, I try to recognize the rare and valuable qualities of those people who, for whatever reason, are in my path. When we disagree, I…


Janis Commentz, November 2020 Morongo Basin Original

The Artists LeFey are delighted to celebrate Janis Commentz as November 2020’s Morongo Basin Original. A resident of Joshua Tree, Janis exemplifies Morongo Basin Spirit as an artist, educator, and humanitarian. We are impressed with her generous and innovative spirit and with how wide she throws the net that includes who deserves the love, service, compassion, and justice that she offers and promotes. A woman of faith, Janis continually makes it clear that she lives according to the dictates of her own conscience and resists being dictated to even by people she loves and…


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