Seeing the human race instead of seeing humans.

We talk about humans as a whole, the group of homo sapiens that are generally recognized on this planet as the highest of the intelligent species. And within that sameness we are separated into categories, all of which should be harmlessly useful. There's nothing wrong with recognizing that people can be identified with common characteristics, that they share cultural or geographical or physical similarities. But always be mindful that having common characteristics doesn't ever make people all the same. Attributing a trait to every member of a group is lazy and dangerous thinking. The…


Choose better for the win!

This morning we're investigating some new services software, and we're delighted to find our company of choice supports the following humanist efforts, among others: The Black Girls Codex introduces programming and technology to a new generation of coders, who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures. Global Witness exposes human rights abuses and environment scandals with roots in corrupted practices. Searching for Bonobo in Congo, Dr Terese Hart‘s efforts of conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With internet transparency, it's not that hard to put a tinch more effort…


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