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This morning we're investigating some new services software, and we're delighted to find our company of choice supports the following humanist efforts, among others: The Black Girls Codex introduces programming and technology to a new generation of coders, who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures. Global Witness exposes human rights abuses and environment scandals with roots in corrupted practices. Searching for Bonobo in Congo, Dr Terese Hart‘s efforts of conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With internet transparency, it's not that hard to put a tinch more effort…


Tommy Dodson, February 2021 Morongo Basin Original

We're so pleased to announce that our Morongo Basin Original for February 2021 is Tommy Dodson. Tommy, a Morongo Valley resident, is, at first blush, extraordinary for his music career, which showed promise when he was only four years old and has continued all his life, at one point taking him around the world as an acclaimed cruise ship and cabaret performer. His repertoire includes classical piano, rock 'n roll, and jazz. He is a popular performer in and around the Coachella Valley and up and down the California coast, from Los Angeles to…


Looking ahead with humanity

By definition, humanity means collectively all humans. The word is derived from the Latin humanitas which means "human nature, kindness." So the nature of all humans is by default assumed to be kindness. Let me repeat that: the nature of humanity is by default assumed to be kindness. We've seen a lot of American humans, in a 4 year mudslide of glorified self-absorption, act impulsively and selfishly, justifying their needs and demands through willful ignorance and magical thinking. We've seen a lot of Americans behaving like spoiled children, given encouragement and protection by bullies…


Penny Wurst, August Morongo Basin Original

The Artists LeFey relocated to the Morongo Basin a couple years ago, and one thing we appreciate so much is the social consciousness that so many unique people exhibit here. We appreciate and admire those who confidently express their individuality and fearlessly support the rights of others as worthy equals. So we created "Morongo Basin Original" with the express intent of celebrating these wonderful people found here in the high desert, and we invite others to join their ranks. We announce with delight our first standout as a Morongo Basin Original: Morongo Valley's Penny…


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