Tommy Dodson, February 2021 Morongo Basin Original

Tommy Dodson
Tommy Dodson, Morongo Basin Original February 2021

We’re so pleased to announce that our Morongo Basin Original for February 2021 is Tommy Dodson.

Tommy, a Morongo Valley resident, is, at first blush, extraordinary for his music career, which showed promise when he was only four years old and has continued all his life, at one point taking him around the world as an acclaimed cruise ship and cabaret performer. His repertoire includes classical piano, rock ‘n roll, and jazz. He is a popular performer in and around the Coachella Valley and up and down the California coast, from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, as well. He hasn’t let lock downs keep him down, regularly staging streaming concerts, even from his living room.

Tommy served a stint in the Army, stationed in Viet Nam, where he entertained his fellow troops. Such experience coupled with his global exposure on the cruise line surely must have contributed to his heart for treating all people equally. We’re in awe of Tommy’s music prowess, of course, but what inspires us to consider him a Morongo Basin Original is the consistency with which he speaks out with a firm and gentle voice against oppression and discrimination, not mincing words, yet promoting cooperation and affirming diversity. Over and over again he asserts the motto, “Love is the Answer.” His friends say of him, “You taught me NOT to hate.”

We think he exemplifies the best of Morongo Basin Spirit in this place where so many people come to lead such varied lives. Tommy has recently completed his first book and is working on his third CD of music. You can learn more about him here.

Thank you, Tommy!

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